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A evil entity has started a great war destroying towns and cities and turning them into it's undead army then starting a great war but the ignorance of alliances still didn't make them work together to fight off the undead causing much of civilization to be destroyed so you must search for 2 other keeper's to help you on your adventure to fight off this evil entity and make it reverse its damage


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I can't seem to equip my training cross?

Or… Now that I've managed my way through gym class with a scroll instead … I can't equip my school sword and shield.

Interesting. I earned 25 gold battling, a nice girl gave me 45 gold, my dad gave me 237 gold, and the mayor gave me 500 gold, for a total of … 447 gold. I would say something is wrong in how it's calculating how much cash I have.

Thanks for the warning I will be releasing an update on Saturday so please be looking out, and thanks for the feedback.


Great job on the game can't wait for the full version to release.

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Thanks it will hopefully be releasing sometime this year hopefully everyone supports it  because people should know I'm a 1 man dev with no help.